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The Australian Seed Bank Partnership’s mission is a national effort to conserve Australia’s native plant diversity through collaborative and sustainable seed collecting, banking, research and knowledge sharing. Our vision is a future where Australia’s native plant diversity is valued, understood and conserved for the benefit of all.

Collecting and storing seed in seed banks is one of the most powerful ways to combat the global decline of plant diversity. It offers an insurance policy against the further loss of plant species.

The Partnership unites the expertise of twelve institutions, including botanic gardens, herbaria, state environmental agencies and non-government organisations.

National Seed Science Forum 2016

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National Standards for Restoration in Australia - released for public comment

Draft National Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration in Australia, designed to encourage all restoration and rehabilitation projects in Australia to reach their highest potential, are now available for public review and comment until 15 February 2016. The link to the page is:



Significant genetic diversity loss of rare Banksia

The importance of seed collections for managing and conserving threatened species has been reiterated in a journal article coming out in December’s issue of Biological Conservation (see Coates, McArthur and Byrne - vol 192, pp.353-360).



ASBP's Annual Report 2014-15

Our Annual Report for 2014-15 is now available.

Partner Stories

Seed collecting in remote locations in Australia

Teams of collectors in the Australian Seed Bank Partnership are not deterred by the “Tyranny of Distance”, which renders reconnaissance work an ambitious and costly endeavour because of large distances, remote and inaccessible terrain, and limited knowledge of fruiting populations.

Collecting Pencil Pine on the Tyndall Range, Southwest National Park (RTBG)

Tasmanian Pines bring huge harvest

2015 presented a 'masting' event across Tasmania that enabled the Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens team to seed bank significant collections of endemic montane conifers.