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Australian Grains Genebank

The Australian Grains Genebank is collaborating with the Australian Seed Bank Partnership on an Australian Crop Wild Relatives project. Forty key species of crop wild relatives, 32 of which are endemic to Australia, have been identified as being critical to increasing Australia's stocks of unique grain crops.

Through this project, we aim to collect and conserve the seeds of Australian crop wild species that are not yet adequately represented in ex situ collections. Seeds of crop wild relatives will be made available to plant breeders and researchers to develop the plant varieties of the future. The seeds will be stored in the state of the art Australian Grains Genebank facility, which was officially opened in March 2014, as well as in Australian Seed Bank Partnership member seed banks.

The Australian Crop Wild Relatives project will be used to improve the current stores of indigenous crop wild varieties, and enhance collections of endemic plant species. This will enable research into new plant varieties that are vital to Australia's agricultural future. By making seeds accessible to researchers and plant breeders, progress can be made in understanding the genetic material contained in these little-known varieties.

Please contact Dr Sally Norton for further information on access to the germplasm from the Australian Grains Genebank on +61 (0) 3 4344 3124  or via email