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Another successful season in Western Australia

The summer seed collecting season of 2013-14 was another successful one for the staff of the Threatened Flora Seed Centre at the Department of Parks and Wildlife Western Australia. A total of 93 collections were made including 36 collections from 20 threatened plant species, 15 of which are critically endangered. Additionally, collections of common species were made for use in the restoration of Banksia woodland on the Swan Coastal Plain WA.

As part of the Australian Seed Bank Partnerships 1000 Species Project the first ever collections of the critically endangered Grevillea sp. Gillingarra (R.J. Cranfield 4087) were made. This species has yet to be formally described and is known from only 21 mature plants from a single population in the mid-west of Western Australia.

The highlight of the season was the successful collection of seeds from the critically endangered Daviesia euphorbioides from a translocation site established in 2005. This site yielded over 1400 seeds – previously the biggest collection from a wild population was only 360 seeds. Only a small fraction of the available seed was collected, with most seed left behind for incorporation into the soil seed bank. Collecting seed from managed populations, such as translocation sites, demonstrates the potential of translocation sites as seed production areas, which improve the success of seed collection for difficult-to-collect species.

Grevillea sp. Gillingarra
Photo: Andrew Crawford DPaW


Luke Barrett Seed collecting for Banksia woodland restoration
Photo: Andrew Crawford DPaW



Seed of the critically endangered Daviesia euphorbioides 
Photo: Andrew Crawford DPaW