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Collecting in the Gammon Ranges

A recent trip to the Gammon Ranges in South Australia has been a success. The South Australian Seed Conservation Centre team, from the Botanic Gardens of South Australia, made a collection of Trianthema triquetra seeds, which will be sent to the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew for its C4 research project.

Seed collections were also made from three Heliotropium species. One from the only population of H. pachyphylla recorded in South Australia, which is disjunct from others found in the Northern Territory, and northern Western Australia. Another was H. inexplicitum, which had only three previous records from South Australia and was a new record for that species in the region. The third Heliotrope was H. cunninghamii.

Staff also located and took specimens of several species so that data and images can be loaded onto the Seeds of South Australia website (, including a rarely recorded endemic species, Ptilotus disparilis.

  Andrew Geracitano, Dan Duval, Denzel Murfet camping at Chambers Gorge
  in South Australia  (Photo: Jenny Guerin, BGSA)
  Ptilotus disparilis in flower (Photo: Jenny Guerin, BGSA)