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Securing Atalaya brevialata

Atalaya brevialata is nationally listed as ‘critically endangered’, meaning it is facing a high risk of extinction in the wild. The species is known from a small area to the south of Darwin in the Northern Territory, occurring in approximately 13 subpopulations in five locations. The species appears to be restricted to sites with quite a specific combination of soil, geological and topographic characteristics. Urban development is one of the major threats to this species, and another threat is weed invasion that means some species can out-compete and shade out this species of Atalaya. Seed collection and storage is one of the recovery actions for this species.

Our Partner institution, George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens, collected and banked seeds from A. brevialata during their 2015-16 collecting trips and these will be available for future use, if required.



Photos: Atalaya brevialata fruit; collecting Atalaya brevialata, (Ben Wirf, GBDBG)