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CHABG Annual General Meeting 2016

The Australian Seed Bank Partnership’s Board, The Council of Heads of Australian Botanic Gardens Inc. (CHABG), held its annual general meeting in October 2016 at the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens. The members of CHABG met to discuss the future strategic priorities of the Australian Seed Bank Partnership Programme. One of these priorities will be endorsing a review of the status of native orchids in ex situ conservation to guide future national efforts in orchid conservation. Orchids make up one fifth of Australia’s nationally listed species.







Ben and the CHABG members collecting Acacia praelongata (Photos courtesy Tim Entwisle, RBGV).

While attending the meeting, the members were fortunate enough to participate in hands-on conservation field work themselves! The George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens’ Nursery Supervisor, Ben Wirf, is responsible for the curation and maintenance of the Gardens’ seed store. In this role he undertakes trips around the Northern Territory collecting seeds for several Australian Seed Bank Partnership projects, including the Global Trees Programme (funded by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew). Ben led the CHABG members through the data collecting, seed collecting and seed cleaning processes that he performs regularly as part of his seed banking work, using Acacia praelongata and the critically endangered Atalaya brevialata as examples. The CHABG members’ contribution to George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens’ seed banking effort will assist the Australian Seed Bank Partnership to reach its 1000 Species Project targets.

In these photos you can see Ben putting the CHABG members to work collecting seed from Acacia praelongata and the critically endangered Atalaya brevialata.

Securing seed from the critically endangered Atalaya brevialata (Photos courtesy Tim Entwisle, RBGV).