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ASBP Annual Report 2016-2017 - available to download!

The Australian Seed Bank Partnership is proud to release its Annual Report for 2016-2017. This year’s report showcases many of the incredible achievements our Partners and their dedicated staff and volunteers have achieved throughout last financial year, as well as where the Partnership is focussing its efforts this year.


Ben Wirf collecting seeds during the Bradshaw Bush Blitz. Image Credit: Donna Lewis


Our seed collectors undertook extensive field work throughout 2016-2017 with collections secured across the country from each state and territory as well as from our external territories of Norfolk Island and Christmas Island. Our dedicated seed collectors and their invaluable volunteers scour the landscape for their next target species. This year’s Annual Report provides some of the highlights from twelve months of collecting in every state and territory and can be downloaded from our website at


A diversity of annuals with white Cephalipterum backdrop. Image credit: Lesley Hammersley, BGPA


Initial drying of collections in remote Western Australian. Image credit: Luke Sweedman, BGPA