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Plants in Peril!

With less than 10 plants left in the wild, the Critically Endangered Verticordia spicata subsp. squamosa is in a perilous situation. Thankfully positive action is being taken to prevent the loss in the wild of this stunning feather flower. Seed collections, made 20 years ago, are being drawn upon to grow plants that will be used to augment an existing translocation and create another one to increase plant numbers of this most threatened of species. The seed, which has been safely stored away in the seed vault at the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions’ Threatened Flora Seed Centre, is first excised from the nut-like fruit, then germinated under controlled conditions. Once the seed germinate they are placed into soil and will be grown on until big enough for planting back into the wild later on this year.


Insect on Verticordia spicata ssp squamosa Photo credit: Andrew Crawford DBCA  


Seed excised from fruit of Verticordia spicata ssp squamosa. Photo Credit: Andrew Crawford DBCA                       



Verticordia spicata ssp squamosa seedling. Photo Credit: Leonie Monks DBCA 


A germinating seed of Verticordia spicata ssp squamosa. Photo Credit: Andrew Crawford DBCA