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ASBP Face-to-face meeting 2018

Once a year the Steering Committee of the Australian Seed Bank Partnership holds a face to face meeting to discuss current seed conservation efforts and explore opportunities for seed collecting, research and restoration for the year ahead. This year's meeting was held at the Adelaide Botanic Garden on 1 June with extra discussions held in the days before. This year we focussed on achieving our national priorities and goals, improvements to data management and preliminary discussions on how the ASBP may undertake seed conservation beyond 2020.

The ASBP was very pleased to host Dr Elinor Breman and Naomi Carvey from the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK. Among many discussions with our Partners, Elinor and Naomi provided a rundown of Kew's new Science Collections Strategy as well as forthcoming improvements to the Millennium Seed Bank Data Warehouse. They also took the time to visit a number of ASBP Partner seed banks to undertake standards reviews of their facilities.

A huge thank you to the South Australian Seed Conservation Centre and the Adelaide Botanic Garden for hosting us for the three days; to Dr Lucy A Sutherland for representing our governing council, The Council of Heads of Australian Botanic Gardens; and to all the Partners and Associates who took the time to contribute to the numerous discussions and hosted visits to seed banks by Elinor and Naomi over the past couple of weeks.

L-R: Andre Messina (RBGV); Thai Te (BGSH); Jason Halford (BBG); Jenny Guerin (BGSH); Tom North (ANBG); Damian Wrigley (ASBP); Sally Norton (AGG); Elinor Breman (MSBP); Dan Duval (BGSH); Naomi Carvey (MSBP); Lucy A. Sutherland (BGSH); James Wood (RTBG); Paul Gibson-Roy (GA); Peter Cuneo (RBGDT); David Merritt (BGPA); Ben Wirf (GBDBG); Lenore Morris (ASBP) and Andrew Crawford (DBCA).

Image Credit: Claire Allen, BGSH