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Australian Seed Bank Partnership Annual Report 2017-18 - Available for download!

The Australian Seed Bank Partnership is proud to release its Annual Report for 2017-2018.

 Our seed collectors and their invaluable volunteers spent the last year exploring the landscape and cleaning seed for banking in ex situ conservation seed banks throughout the country. These collections will now be used as long-term living collections, for germination and seed biology research, and for restoration and translocation projects. Our dedicated seed collectors also helped to train new seed scientists and Indigenous land managers and shared their knowledge of seed banking with our New Zealand neighbours. They also welcomed visiting trainees from Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.


Annual meeting of the ASBP Steering Committee at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, June 2018. Image Credit: Clare Allen, BGSH.

This year’s Annual Report provides a range of interesting insights into the work of our people over the year with collecting occurring in every state and territory. The report can be downloaded from our website at

The Verticordia spicata ssp. squamosa pollinated by a Gasteruptiid Wasp. Image Credit: Andrew Crawford, DBCA.

The ripe fruit of Geijera salicifolia splitting to reveal seed. Image Credit: Gavin Phillips, RBGDT.