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The Australian National Botanic Gardens National Seed Bank

The National Seed Bank is located at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra. The work focuses on long-term storage of conservation seed collections, researching seed germination and establishment protocols, and supplying seed to conservation and research institutions.

The National Seed Bank contains about 5300 accessions – individual seed collections, normally stored in a single packet – from more than 2600 different plant groups. For each seed collection, a herbarium specimen is collected and lodged at the Australian National Herbarium. Provenance details, such as location, vegetation information, date and time, are comprehensively recorded and entered into the publicly accessible Integrated Botanical Information System (IBIS) database.

The National Seed Bank staff collaborate with the Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research. They also work with researchers from the Australian National University, investigating Australian alpine seed and seedling ecology.

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Posted: 07 Dec 2016

The digital imaging of seeds is a very important part of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into successfully banking seeds, and helps to uncover information about seed traits. The Australian native seeds: a digital image library is a Government-funded project aiming to collect images of seeds from 1000 species of Australian plants by June 2017.

Posted: 15 Nov 2016

Our partners at the Australian National Botanic Gardens are working in partnership with the ACT Government and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to undertake an ambitious 10-year seed orcharding project of the endangered Swainsona recta (small purple pea). Swainsona recta is one of the priority plants under the Australian Government’s Threatened Species Strategy, and with fewer than 4000 individuals left in the wild this project will assist in safeguarding its future.

Posted: 02 Nov 2016

The Australian National Botanic Gardens is leading a collaborative partnership of government bodies, research institutions, national parks, land managers, custodians and botanic gardens who are contributing to a three-year Pomaderris conservation project. They are working towards better understanding and safeguarding our threatened Pomaderris species.

Dr Mark Clements (Photo: ANBG)
Posted: 07 Mar 2016

Congratulations to Dr Mark Clements on his deserving win of the prestigious Westonbirt Orchid Medal, awarded by the Royal Horticulture Society (UK). His 40-year contribution to orchid research includes 100 published articles, thousands of curated specimens and 250 newly discovered Australian species.

Posted: 03 Jul 2014

Australian National Botanic Gardens staff and volunteers recently collected seeds from several Zieria species as part of our 1000 Species Project.