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Millennium Seed Bank funds new search-and-locate seed collecting system

Field collecting system
The Kings Park and Botanic Garden’s field collecting system includes a ruggedized laptop mounted within the front of a 4WD vehicle

Kings Park and Botanic Garden’s staff have developed what they believe is the most advanced collecting system for field collecting in Australia.

The field collecting system, partly funded by finance from the Millennium Seed Bank initiative, provides Kings Park staff with a reliable, durable and accurate way to locate target species of plants.

The system’s components include a ruggedized laptop, keyboard and mouse for field use – all built to withstand drops, falls, spills and shocks – mounted within the front of a 4WD vehicle.

The system’s software includes the:

  • Base program – allows staff to record all field entry data as the collection is made
  • Aussie Explorer program – interacts with a built-in GPS to provide reliable, accurate maps of all areas
  • WA state herbarium program, Florabase – provides the locations for target species, which appear as targets on the map accompanied by relevant information.

On return from the field, staff can download all records from the laptop into Kings Park’s main database system.