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The Western Australia Seed Technology Centre – Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority

Seed hunter Dan Duval collects seeds in an arid zone of South Australia. Photo: SA Seed Conservation Centre
Research at the WA Seed Technology Centre at Kings Park focuses on seed storage and germination
Photo: Jacaranda Photography

The Western Australian Seed Technology Centre at Kings Park and Botanic Garden collects seeds and plant material to conserve Western Australia’s biodiversity and for horticultural and research activities. The Centre also works with the WA Department of Parks and Wildlife to propagate and conserve threatened flora across the state.

The seed bank at Kings Park has been in operation since the 1960s and currently holds more than 10,600 collections. The Centre includes WA’s cryogenic storage facility for rare and common orchids and for other rare plant material.

Seed science activities are focussed on supporting the conservation programs and advancing the use of seeds for the restoration of degraded landscapes.

Kings Park supports the Australian Seed Bank Partnership through exchanging seed collections, collaborative research programs, university training and community involvement.

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Trithuria submersa. Photo: R. Tuckett
Posted: 02 May 2011

Look closely next time you visit a Western Australian swamp, and you may be lucky enough to find one of the oldest lineage flowering plants on Earth.

Field collecting system
Posted: 02 May 2011

Kings Park and Botanic Garden’s staff have developed what they believe is the most advanced collecting system for field collecting in Australia.