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Seeds of South Australia - a new online resource

The South Australian Seed Conservation Centre has developed an online resource about seeds of South Australia. South Australia has over 3,500 native vascular plants species, with 800 of these considered threatened in their natural environment. Since 2002 the South Australian Seed Conservation Centre, based at the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, has been dedicated to the ex situ conservation of South Australia's flora, with priority given to threatened and endemic species. Seed collection and utilisation of Australian native seeds in landscape restoration and revegetation is currently severely constrained by a limited understanding and poor knowledge base about appropriate technologies and fundamentals relating to seed biology for Australian native plants. Consequently, this information needs to be determined and made publicly accessible to community and industry to assist their restoration activities and help them to re-create functional and compositionally sustainable ecosystems. This online resource is beginning to overcome this knowledge gap, by providing a source of seed images for South Australian native plants, a seed identification key and species fact sheets containing seed biology information as it becomes available. For more information and to use this online resources visit: