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Atlas of Living Australia (ALA)

Australian Seed Bank project

The Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) is one of our Associates. We are working together to create the Australian Seed Bank, an online resource to share information about Australia’s conservation seed collections.

Through our seed collecting and research activities, we capture large amounts of information on leaves, flowers and fruiting periods of specific plants (phenology), ecology, abundance, seed morphology, germination/dormancy requirements and storage characteristics. We recognise the important need to bring this information together and the Atlas of Living Australia provides a practical way of enabling our partners to share this information to a diverse range of interested people worldwide.

The Australian Seed Bank Partnership will use the Australian Seed Bank to identify national collecting priorities for ex situ collections to ensure the diversity of species, as well as genetic diversity within a species, is captured in our conservation seed banks. The Australian Seed Bank will also be developed to be a useful accessible resource for community groups and government and non-government organisations in their important work in restoring Australia’s diverse landscapes.