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The Australian National Botanic Gardens National Seed Bank

The National Seed Bank is located at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra. The work focuses on long-term storage of conservation seed collections, researching seed germination and establishment protocols, and supplying seed to conservation and research institutions.

The National Seed Bank contains about 5300 accessions – individual seed collections, normally stored in a single packet – from more than 2600 different plant groups. For each seed collection, a herbarium specimen is collected and lodged at the Australian National Herbarium. Provenance details, such as location, vegetation information, date and time, are comprehensively recorded and entered into the publicly accessible Integrated Botanical Information System (IBIS) database.

The National Seed Bank staff collaborate with the Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research. They also work with researchers from the Australian National University, investigating Australian alpine seed and seedling ecology.

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Fábio Corrêa Didoné seed collecting
Posted: 17 Jan 2013

Seed Bank Interns at the Australian National Botanic Gardens are learning techniques for sustainable seed collecting and conservation seed banking procedures.

Last seen in 1960 Laxmannia gracilis was recently found again on Black Mountain
Posted: 28 Jun 2012

Available online, the Census of Vascular plants, Hornworts, Liverworts and Slime Moulds of the Australian Capital Territory provides the scientific community and general public with quick, easy to access information about native and introduced plants growing in the wild in the ACT.

Swainsona recta (Photo: ANBG, R. Hotchkiss)
Posted: 16 Apr 2012

Small purple pea, Swainsona recta is listed as a threatened species (endangered) under NSW, ACT, Victorian and Commonwealth legislation. Its restricted occurrence typically forms part of the critically endangered White Box-Yellow Box-Blakely Red Gum Grassy Woodland and Derived Native Grassland. This species has become the subject of a collaborative project involving the Australian National Botanic Gardens, ACTEW Corporation, Ecological Australia, DECC NSW and ACT Conservation Planning and Research.

Lepidium ginninderrense (Photo: ANBG, Murray Fagg)
Posted: 17 Jan 2012

Tucked away in the middle of the nation's capital of Canberra, the Ginninderra peppercress (Lepidium ginninderrense) only hold on life lies delicately in the balance. Threats of urban encroachment and other problems that impact small reserves attracted the attention of conservation officers at the Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG). Their project will see a small amount of seed collected from every plant within the only known population of the Ginninderra Peppercress.

Posted: 16 Sep 2011

The Australian National Botanic Gardens has been supporting the work of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to restore the extremely rare Eucalyptus imlayensis on Mount Imlay in southern New South Wales. Eucalyptus imlayensis was discovered in 1977 and once dominated the summit of Mount Imlay, but it has declined by 10 per cent in the last decade.